Article 1. Name

The Society is called the Anglo Spanish Ophthalmological Society

Article 2. Objectives

The objectives of this Society are four-fold:

  1. Advance co-operation, education, and research in ophthalmology between ophthalmologists in Spain and Great Britain.
  2. Promote charitable working visits to ophthalmic hospital in the English and Spanish speaking world.
  3. To consider combined research proposals
  4. Fostering collegiality and shared values

These objectives will be achieved by means of regular meetings, lectures, web-site and all other avenues deemed suitable by the Committee.

Article 3. Membership

The Members of the Society will be categorised as follows: Inaugural Member, Associate Member, and Honorary Member.  Membership will be limited to the Founding Members and Secretaries until after the first full year.

Article 4. Officers

The Officers of A.S.O.S are the Inaugural Members, sharing duties on a rotational basis. Of these, one shall be the Society Secretary, and one the Treasurer. Of the Society Assistants, one shall be the Operational Assistant, and one the Meeting secretary.